What is the WSSF?

The WSSF (former ISSF) was founded in 2010, by the snowshoeing associations of USA, Japan and Switzerland.
In 2013 you find also partners from Sweden, Canada, Italy, Germany and Russia in the executive bord of WSSF. And there will be much more.

2015 there is new President Monika Owczarek from Canada, a new Vice President Marcy Schwam from the United States, new officers and executive committee.

The name from International Snowshoeing Federation (ISSF) changed to World Snowshoe Federation (WSSF).

The primary mission of the WSSF is to serve as the international governing body for the Sport of Snowshoe Racing and to assist in the organization and governance of the various national governing bodies for Snowshoe Racing around the World!

The WSSF is accepted as a non-profit international sports federation.
There are three membership options.

1. The National level Membership is strictly for organizations who are recognized by their country's National Olympic Committee as the sports national governing body. There can be only one National WSSF member from each country.

2. The Associate Membership level is for any company or organization who is actively conducting snowshoe race events but is not recognized by their National Olympic Committee as the sports' national governing body. A country may have multiple WSSF Associate members.

3. The Business level membership is for private businesses who either manufacturer, import, distribute snowshoes and may sponsor and/or conduct snowshoe events and programs.

The National and Associate levels of membership permit the member to place representatives on the WSSF's Congress. The WSSF Congress is the backbone of the WSSF. The Business level membership does not permit the member to place representatives on the Congress, but may, upon invitation from the WSSF, allow representatives to be placed on the WSSF's Technical or other Committees.

The WSSF Congress is hold its annual meeting usually while the WSSF World Snowshoe Championships.

Should you have any questions, or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The current slate of WSSF officers is as follows:

President – Monika Owczarek – Canada

Vice-President – Marcy Schwam – USA 

Secretary – Marcus Fink – Germany 

Treasurer – Jonny Brunner – Germany

In addition to these WSSF officers, current WSSF Executive Committee members include;

Mark Elmore - USA

Christian Zandonella- Italy

Annmaree Scanlan– Japan 

Josep Maria Peixo - Catalonia

Arkadi Klepinin – Russia




Current WSSF Membership:
National Members:
Japan Snowshoeing Federation

Associate Members:
United States Snowshoe Association, Inc.
TSL Outdoors of France
Trail-Snow-Running Association of Germany
Societa Podistica Novella - La Ciaspolada  - Italy
CadorEventi A.S.D. - Italy
Pro Loco Vezzy D'Oglio - Italy
Snowshoe Canada - Canada
Picos Xtreme - Spain
Snowshoe Federation of India (SSFI) - India
Federacio D'Endtats Excursionistes De Catalunya (FEEC) - Spain
Business Members:
Northern Lite Snowshoe Co. of U.S.A.
Redfeather Snowshoes of LaCrosse, Wisconsin – USA



The WSSF has also different committees, like the Championship or Technical Committee. 


FInd more in the WSSF statutes.

WSSF Statutes
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